The Alpaca Rug

The Alpaca Rug

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The Alpaca Rug is made by skilled Fair trade Artisans and imported from Peru. It is borderless with a backing cover to help protect the leather stitchwork and the high quality alpaca which is undyed and chromium-cured.

Alpaca fiber is classified as an exclusive fiber. It is strong and resilient and it does not itch because of it's lanolin component and smooth cell structure.


  • Baby Alpaca fur
  • No animal was harmed during the process
  • Chromium cured
  • Soft and dense
  • Resist to cracking
  • Does not absorb humidity
  • Odorless
  • Made in Peru

Care Instruction

  • Light use and little walking traffic
  • If matted, you may brush with wire pet brush or a hairbrush
  • Not machine washable
  • For spot cleaning: sponge with mild soap and water solution, make sure to use little water in order to not soak leather.


Small 59"x74"

Large 96"x 88"


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